Life in Facebookistan

If you missed this episode of WNYC’s On the Media, here’s another chance to dial in. And you really should, wherever your position on the spectrum of social media acceptance.

(This show happens to focus on social media’s giant—Facebook—but it’s really about social media.)

So if you’re still trying to understand the profundity of social media, listen to the whole thing if you have an hour, or the lead story if not.

“There will never [again] not be a period when most human beings on the planet are connected to the same grid.”  Clay Shirky, On the Media

On the other hand, if you’ve drunk the Facebook Kool-Aid, check out this chilling segment on life in Facebookistan (now the third-largest nation behind India and China). Because increasingly, we all live there—whether we’re on Facebook or not. That’s because Facebook tracks member activity outside the service, and has even begun tracking people who aren’t Facebook members.

“Facebook has nothing to fear. ‘They have now achieved not just the largest user base in the history of the internet… they have a majority of their potential user base already on the service.’” Clay Shirky, On the Media

Or for a profile in guts, listen to how one woman handled being “friended” by the man who raped her when they were both in high school.

For now, I leave it to you to connect the dots from Facebookistan—and social media—to your business. I’ll do my own connecting, as I have tried to do, on this blog over the coming months.

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