Three Things Your Logo Must Have

When it comes to your logo, what really matters? For a truthful answer, ask a kid—specifically, a bright young woman (ht The Dish):

You’d expect her to know Disney, Apple, McDonalds, maybe Nike. What’s really interesting is which logos she has begun to “genericize” or equate with the thing itself: Starbucks is coffee, Xbox is a remote, BP is gas, Pepsi is the drink machine at the pizza place.

What really matters? Color. Clarity (clear loser: Monster Energy). What doesn’t matter? The logo’s subject. Starbucks doesn’t need to use a coffee bean; a mermaid works just fine. As the great logo designer Paul Rand once said,

“… A logo derives its meaning from subject matter [which] can be almost anything… [and] is of relatively little importance. Ultimately… logos [should] be distinctive, memorable, and clear.”

What really matters, once you achieve those three must-haves, is that you consistently brand every possible customer experience with your logo. That’s how you win hearts and minds—especially small, cute ones.

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